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"Where Leaf, Stem And Root Come Together"

"Where Leaf, Stem And Root Come Together"

Ouachita Farms Delta 8 Rosin Capsules


Rosin Caps start with Ouachita Farms True Full Spectrum 500mg CBD Rosin Drops as a base andĀ either more rosin or a specific cannabinoid distillate is added to formulate the capsules.

  • 1.5mg Delta 9 THC & 33mg CBD per capsule


Be aware that legal hemp-derived products also contain a variety of cannabinoids, which may include CBD, CBG, CBC, CBN, Delta8 THC and small amounts of Delta9 THC. People may experience these cannabinoids differently, especially if you are new to them or particularly sensitive. The best advice is to educate yourself and thenĀ start small and go slowly, especially with an edible product.

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