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"Where Leaf, Stem And Root Come Together"

"Where Leaf, Stem And Root Come Together"

Utoya Nonalcoholic Cannabis Cocktail 50mg THCO- Mojito

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Our Cannabis Cocktails are a Non-Alcoholic Beverage cannabinoid-infused for those who want to get lifted from their drink instead of drunk! There is no alcohol in these drinks whatsoever, and they taste amazing, feel great, and are still true to the delicious flavors that many people know and enjoy when they go out for a nice cocktail!

Can I/Should I mix alcohol into these Cannabis Cocktails Non-Alcoholic Beverages?

In short, no, we don’t think that’s a great idea. We don’t really advise that you mix this with alcohol. Of course, you party animals might do whatever you want, but just a heads-up warning on doing that you may experience some not so fun effects. It’s difficult to pinpoint the exact ones, but just be aware that you can, we just don’t think you should.

This is not 100% of the time always the case, but it can happen. Most people might find that experience not enjoyable.

Why so many Cannabis Cocktails Non-Alcoholic Beverages?

Everybody has their wants, flavors, and every states have their laws. Some drinks might not fly in a few places, some drinks fly like crazy everywhere. No matter what, we want to make it so more people can enjoy the things they love!


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